When Alice turned one it was just had to be an Alice in Wonderland theme cake smash!  This way, that way…she smashed the cake every way! We had lots of fun in the studio that day and I really loved making the set.  For our cake smash shoots we can tailor them to a theme or we can go for colours to suit your tastes…we are happy to try anything!  The shoots our held at our studio in Middleton, Near Corby, Northants.  We do them at the studio to try and contain the mess…I say try, my studio floor says otherwise!  We have been inundated with cake smash shoots recently so there are more hundreds and thousands squished into our floor than in Mr Kipling’s entire factory!  Doesn’t matter how often I hoover, I still find them everywhere!

During the shoot Alice was fab, she happily munched away and wasn’t fazed by the camera at all.  She was helped by her lovely big sister who very kindly helped her to eat the cake…and also fed some to Daddy!  Alice looked super cute in her 1st birthday crown and matching pink pants…she is going to love these pictures when she turns 18!!!  The shoot took around an hour, this included the ‘splash’ session afterwards.  We have a cute little vintage tub and lots of lovely bubbles to splash around in and get clean…again Alice’s big sister was my number one helper and gave Alice a bath, then cleaned the tea set in it afterwards for me…Thank you very much 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the gorgeous Alice enjoying her birthday tea party!  If you would like to book a cake smash or find out more please click HERE