If you are here, chances are you have been thinking about a newborn photoshoot for your baby and would like to know what goes on behind the scenes at our studio in Market Harborough.

Whether this is your first pregnancy (how exciting!) or there are brothers and sisters waiting for the new arrival… congratulations!

By now, you have probably done some reading and researching about newborn photoshoots so, instead of boring you with more info… let me invite you behind the scenes of one of my sessions!

Welcome to Daisy Dots Photography!


Your Newborn Session might be the first little outing as a family of 3 (or more!) and being a fellow mum I have worked to design this entire experience around you and your baby’s needs.

This, of course, includes coffee, tea, biscuits, and chocolates available for you at the studio!

But first things first.

My studio is in Middleton, in between Corby & Market Harborough, in an old barn conversion, so there are lots of beautiful features and I am sure you will love the atmosphere!

Ahead of the session, we will make time to prepare and discuss colours and styling of your photoshoot and then, on the day of the session, you will find a large collection of clothes and props for you to choose from. 

Your photoshoot is tailored to you and your home, so you are welcome to send me pictures of your rooms and wall space where you will display your images, so we can shoot to match your home décor!

My studio will be kept nice and warm and when you arrive there will be plenty of time for feeding and getting baby ready… which simply means all you have to do is strip them down to their nappy, feed them and then sit back and relax.


Feeding and a little snuggle time normally gives us a “milk drunk”, totally relaxed baby, who will easily fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the session.

Some babies will do that immediately, some will take more time and will need a top-up feed halfway: as a specialist photographer (and mum) I take cues from your little one and am able to immediately adapt my workflow to their needs.

You might also have noticed that babies in my photos [CLICK TO VIEW GALLERY] are often wrapped and it’s not just a matter of “style”! We wrap babies as they feel more safe and secure, and to add another layer of support to their neck so they can safely be posed in props.

“But what if my baby doesn’t sleep?” – You might be thinking.

Do not panic! Awake shots are beautiful and it’s lovely when we can get a mixture of awake and sleepy shots, lots of babies are mesmerised by the camera and will follow it with their eyes.

You will see me starting to pose baby using a specialist beanbag as it is the best place for baby to settle and, from there, I will snap away using different angles, props and setups.

As you see me working through the shots, you will notice that baby is never left unsupported and often my hands will be in the shot holding baby while I shoot to ensure complete safety.

This is why the editing of your images is such an important stage, that requires lots of training: anything that could distract from the soft features of your tiny ones will be carefully removed to give you photographs you will cherish forever.

behind-the-scenes-newborn-photoshoot-corby-8389328PHOTOS OF BABY WITH MUM, DAD AND SIBLINGS: 

Your session can include siblings and parents images and yes, I know what you are thinking!

I know the idea of being in front of a camera after giving birth fills most mums (and dads, sometimes) with dread and I totally get it, you probably don’t feel your best a couple of weeks after giving birth.

But here is the thing: family images are all about that special bond between you and your baby and it’s my job to choose the most flattering light and angles to create photographs you will love forever.

We might also choose some more creative shots like the one below that will give you those precious portraits… without even noticing you are being photographed.


After the shoot is done, we can book a viewing appointment to come back and see your finished gallery, usually around 2 weeks later. 

At your viewing appointment you will watch a slideshow of your final images (I will have tissues on hand!) and choose which package you would like to go for and can decide on what wall art you would like if you wanted any. 

I have software that allows me to design bespoke pieces of wall art for your home, I just need a picture of the space and the size of the wall!


So there you go, a newborn photoshoot at Daisy Dots Photography explained in a nutshell…

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