I first met Alice & Anthony in January when they contacted me about photographing their wedding at Rushton Hall, in April of the same year!  They had bravely decided to book and plan a wedding in three months so when they came to meet me for a consultation in January, plans were already in full flow.  Most of my couples book me one or two years in advance and way before they decide on any details, so it was a novelty for me to be able to discuss all their plans in detail.  It tends to go in the following order when booking a wedding; venue – registrar/church, photographer…and then months and months of dress shopping, colour schemes, decor etc…however these pair were having a ball booking everything over a series of weekends, whilst fitting in time to take dance lessons.  Oh did I mention I like to make people dance during their engagement photoshoot 😉 These beauties were only to happy to get an extra practice in so they gave me a little rendition of their first dance with the beautiful Rushton Hall in the background.

Living so close to Rushton Hall and having a studio less than a five minute drive away, I have been super excited to get my first wedding here this year and I have another two booked in.  I have always loved walking around the magnificent grounds and am totally in awe with the Hall…I love old buildings and this one does not disappoint.  It is the perfect back drop for wedding photos!  I was also really excited to work with Alice and Anthony, as soon as I met them I felt at ease and we had lots of fun on this shoot.  When people want to book a wedding with me, I always recommend coming into my studio at Middleton, Market Harborough so that we can meet each other.  It is the most important day of your life. so you want to spend it with someone you like and trust…after all I will be seeing you in your pants!  I should add that this is only during bridal prep and Grooms are safe from having to strip down!!  During the bridal prep I am pretty much your spare Bridesmaid with the added bonus that I can do up dresses, tie bows etc as all the real Bridesmaids will have had their nails done!  Alice will be able to vouch for this as I have now photographed their wedding and I was chief dress doerupper!!

like and what works for you…it also gives you a chance to tell me what you don’t like to see in your photographs…for me it is my stupid teeth, I never know whether to smile with or without them, I always try to hide them but unfortunately they are pretty goofy and they pop out so I end up with a half smile and half goof face! (Thanks to my parents for those great genetics!!)

So here you have them…the fabulous ‘now’ Mr & Mrs Hough…I couldn’t share these until after the wedding or I would have spoiled their first dance surprise ..and what a surprise it was for everyone that Mr ‘Two Left Feet’ Hough was actually a smooth mover!!

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