Baby Hadley was a bundle of squishy cuteness when he came to visit us in our photography studio near Corby, Northants.  He was so good and didn’t even cry as he was stripped down to be put in our selection of cute outfits and baby hats.  For the first set I decided to go for a vintage toy box set, we set it up with vintage planes and teddies…it was super cute!  I have trained with some of the world’s top newborn photographers so have lots of knowledge on how to safely wrap and settle babies.  Hadley easily went into his wrap which holds him nice and snug like he would have been in the womb, babies generally love this and sure enough he settled down to sleep.  We got lots of cute little sleeping smiles in this set so I was a happy bunny!  My daughter Chloe was helping out on this shoot as Hadley is her friend’s baby…and Chloe is obsessed with him so any excuse for a cuddle!

We did lots of different set ups with Hadley as he was very content and happily sleeping, until we attempted to pose him resting his chin on his hands!  He was wide awake as soon as we tried so I didn’t attempt this shot as babies need to be deep in sleep for this to be done safely.  Each session is completely baby led and we do only what baby is happy with.  If they want to stop and feed or have a hug we stop (again we love an excuse for a sneaky cuddle!)  As Hadley was wide awake we got some lovely pictures with his eyes wide open, not even two weeks old, yet he was so alert and following the camera everywhere….a model in the making!

If you are considering a newborn shoot then we recommend booking in from your twenty week scan to ensure your space as we can only take a certain amount of bookings due to the unpredictable arrival times of babies!  However if you have recently had a baby or one due shortly we will try our best to book you in.  If you would like any more information please click HERE