I was so excited when I heard that baby Emily had been born and had a little tear in my eye when I saw how beautiful she was.  I feel so lucky to be a Baby Photographer, in Corby, Northants.  We are so blessed with such gorgeous babies here and I love all my cuddles!  I first met Emily’s mummy and daddy when I photographed their wedding in Corby, a few years ago, so it was really lovely to see them again. Emily was smiling the second she came through the photography studio door, so I was super happy to see her!  The smiles continued throughout, as did her posing.  She loved the camera and followed it everywhere.  She also loved her daddy and was a proper little Daddy’s Girl, we used this to our advantage and Lee was called in to get the big smiles!

We held the photoshoot at our studio near Corby, where we specialise in baby photography.  It’s a barn conversion in a sleepy little village called Middleton, which is nestled in between the border of Leicestershire and Northamptonshire.  The second anyone walks in the door they usually feel how I feel here everyday, relaxed and ready to sleep!  Having little ones at home, I keep this space very chilled, calm and homely.  It’s my sanctuary and it seems to put everyone at ease.  I can’t even begin to count the number of parents that fall asleep on the sofa whilst I’m working with baby, it always makes me smile!

I usually recommend between 5 – 14 days for a newborn shoot but obviously with Covid and all our lockdowns, this has meant that many have missed that window.  However, just because you have missed that window, doesn’t mean that you have missed out on having newborn pictures, as Emily proved! All our sessions are completely baby led anyway.  I would never put a baby into a pose that they weren’t happy with or weren’t comfortable in.  Often parents come with particular poses they would like, but baby is always the boss and we do what they want…as I am sure you know at home 😉  I have spent many years training to be a newborn baby photographer and safety always has to come first.

Natasha warned me that Emily really doesn’t like to sleep and that we might get a cat nap if we were lucky.  True to form, Emily was quite happily awake for most of the session.  This is fine with me as we got lots of smiles and her cute, cheeky personality was shining through.  After lots of posing she was actually quite tired.  A quick feed from mummy and she slept like, well like a baby!  Natasha and Lee were completely amazed that she was sleeping so soundly and letting me pose her.  Apparently, I am allowed a spare room at their house to move in and get her to sleep for them…I actually think they were fibbing and this little beauty sleeps soundly all the time for them, I love it when babies prove you wrong!

I was so happy when Natasha and Lee agreed to have some family pictures with Emily, it is one thing I always try and encourage at a newborn photography shoot as I think you regret it later if you don’t.  These pictures become heirlooms and get passed down through generations, your future generations want to see you, they really do!  No matter how you think you look, only you will see what you perceive to be flaws, no one else will.  These photos will be cherished forever by everyone that loves you and years down the line by generations that never got to meet you!  The Watsons totally rocked their pictures and Emily now has them forever.

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