choosing the best wedding photographer for you

Barton Hall Wedding Photographer – The Clements Autumn Wedding

Barton Hall Wedding

I first met Jack and Jodie when they came to my photography studio to talk about becoming their wedding photographer at their wedding at Barton Hall in Northamptonshire.  We got on really well and had a good laugh right from the start…especially when Jack told me his dreams of becoming a model as he loves having his picture taken …oh wait, no, Jack hates having his picture taken and was dreading it!

I reassured him that he wouldn’t notice me on the day as I try to blend into the background (think full on Ninja, stealth mode) This gives you the best pictures as I can capture the real, raw emotions of your day that you just can’t get from a posed picture.  

choosing the best wedding photographer for you

As part of my wedding photography packages, couple can have a pre-wedding/engagement photoshoot.  When booking a wedding photographer it is really important that you click with each other so this trail run helps make the big day run smoother.  Not everyone chooses to have one, but it is a good chance for us to get to know each other and also for you to get comfortable in front of the camera…and to see it’s really not as bad as you imagine!  Ask Jack if you don’t believe me!

Fast forward to the engagement photoshoot, Jack & Jodie arrive at my Studio in Middleton, Leicestershire (which is actually only a few minutes away from my home town of Corby, Northamptonshire!) Jack looks a cross between incredibly nervous and also gutted that Jodie had booked it when there was a football match on 😉 We pacified Jack by assuring him that it would be quick and he should make it back to watch at least part of the match, then walked to East Carlton Park.  Jack actually made the shoot brilliant fun as we used his embarrassment to make us all laugh and we got some amazing pictures…even Jack loved them!

Barton Hall Wedding

Their Barton Hall wedding day came round so quickly and before I knew it I was arriving at Barton Hall to photograph Jodie and her bridesmaids getting ready.  As a wedding photographer I love the getting ready part.  The girls were all in great spirits, Prosecco flowed and nerves didn’t even seem to exist.  

Jodie did have an amazing Maid of Honour which helped with the nerves…Nicola, Jodie’s sister, was so on the ball and had everything under control…even keeping Jodie’s excited Dad in check!  As they were getting married in November they went with an Autumn theme and totally nailed it!  Jodie’s talented mum and sister had made lots of the decor, I literally wanted every single thing for my studio (and now have the tree table planner!) and want to employ them to come and do all my set designs!


Back up in the room, Jodie was helped into her dress by her sister, then it was time for dad’s reaction…it didn’t disappoint and neither did mum’s, they both looked so proud…and rightly so, Jodie looked amazing.  After a few shots on the staircase, I went to the Orangery to check in with Jack, as I expected, he was so nervous!  

He looked so cool though and was actually holding it together really well.  The Toast Master (who was amazing as always!) got the ceremony started and it was all eyes on the bridal party arriving.  It’s such a lovely walk down the path to the Orangery and looks great in pictures!  I loved capturing Jack’s reaction to them arriving, he was trying so hard to stay focused and didn’t look, then turned just in time to see his gorgeous twin sisters come down the aisle!  Then Jodie was on her way, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other!

Barton Hall Wedding

The ceremony was held in the beautiful Orangery at Barton Hall and lots of laughing and tears.  One of the best bits about being a wedding photographer is that I love capturing the reactions of others during the ceremony and got some great shots during the vows, everyone looked so proud!  Afterwards it was outside for confetti shots, again the path to the Orangery is great for this and worked really well.  Jack & Jodie had videographers as well (Neon Trifle Film) so I can’t wait to see how good it looked in motion!  

As a surprise for Jack, Jodie’s dad had booked a piper, who led them back down to the orangery to get the celebrations started.  After some quick group photos it was time for the couple portraits…by now Jack was an old hand at this and is actually a natural in front of the camera!  We got some amazing shots and again, I can’t wait to see the videographers work!

Barton Hall Wedding

After a lovely three course meal (Thanks guys!) it was time for the speeches, another part Jack couldn’t wait for!  He did so well though, as did everyone else.  The whole room was in stitches at the two best men’s speeches and Jack had his head in his hands for most of it!  Then all the boys went out to celebrate with cigars and Jack was now able to relax with the speeches being over. 

Jack and Jodie had arranged Sparklers so walked through an archway of light and then onto the cake cutting and first dance.  The day truly was so beautiful and went perfectly…Thanks so much for trusting me to be such a big part of your day Mr & Mrs Clements….and Jack…Your modelling contract is in the post 😉

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