Barton Hall Wedding Photography

Barton Hall Wedding Photography – Team GC Wedding! Lets Go!

Barton Hall Wedding Photography – When Dan Good & Jamie-Leigh wanted to book me for their wedding photography at Barton Hall, I was a mixture of excited and nervous. Being the fitness power couple of Northamptonshire and beyond, I was very conscious of my chocolate eating habits and lockdown waistline! I needn’t have worried, they were the most lovely couple.

When they came to meet me to decide whether they wanted me as their wedding photographer, Dan munched through a box of biscuits and explained that their plan wasn’t a restrictive diet, immediately I was at ease and knew we would get along!

It is really important when choosing a wedding photographer that you go and meet with them, they are the people that will be with you most on the day. You need to feel at ease with each other and be able to laugh, these two definitely know how to have a laugh so I knew they were a good fit for me.

Barton Hall Wedding Photography

Despite how insanely beautiful Jamie-Leigh is, like most of us, she hates having her pictures taken, the idea of a pre-wedding shoot filled her with dread. The shoots are complimentary with your wedding package, they are a personal choice. Due to Covid, their wedding was rearranged so many times, I think it was sixth time lucky in the end! This meant Jamie-Leigh escaped a pre-wedding shoot as their wedding got moved last minute to accommodate yet more covid restrictions…but we got there eventually! On a beautiful sunny day in July, Barton Hall finally got the wedding of the year!


If any of you are on their training programme TEAM GC, you will know the love between these two. They spar, they duck walk (if you know, you know!) and they laugh like no other! Their wedding day encapsulated all of that…well after Jamie-Leigh’s nerves calmed down in the morning 😉

As soon as their two beautiful girls walked down the aisle to Dan, he was gone! Floods of tears followed, he was totally overwhelmed and there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire Orangery…Then came Jamie-Leigh. She was a sight to behold, with stunning mermaid curled hair and the most beautiful wedding dress. Dan couldn’t take his weepy, red eyes off her!


Barton Hall Wedding Photography

As expected, the ceremony was full of lots of laughter and inappropriate comments from Dan, who had a great view down Jamie’s dress and couldn’t wait to be married! After the ceremony at Barton Hall, the next usual step there for the wedding photographer is to arrange to confetti shot.

One of my favourite things about photographing a wedding at Barton Hall is working with the amazing toastmaster, Mr ALAN HODGES. He makes every wedding flow so well and takes the stress out of everything. Alan swiftly got everyone lined up and ready for the newly married couple…and this is where your friends get their own back. Dan’s friends lined up eager to make this moment count, they succeeded! In true form, the group shots ended up with Dan wrestling half the Grooms party and lots more laughter.

barton-hall-wedding-30-1818913Part of your wedding photography includes couple portraits, I always try to make these relaxed and fun which definitely fit the bill for these two!  Barton Hall has some beautiful spots on their ground for photographs, even their car park is stunning. Fast forward to after the meal and the speeches, Dan again had people in tears, but nobody cried quite as much as the emotional Best Man when he did his speech, well tried to anyway!


After the speeches, we snuck off for a few more quick couple portraits. Dan, who doesn’t normally drink, was well on his way, no surprise as the large amount of money he put behind the bar was gone in minutes 😉  I thought this would be a great time to get some fun shots, it really was!  Dan had Jamie-Leigh in a headlock at one point…I think they are my fave couple portraits ever!

team-gc-barton-hall-wedding_-59-5571527The night was finished off with dancing ..oh those dance moves guys! Thanks so much for choosing me to do your wedding photography and thanks to Barton Hall and Alan Hodge, you were amazing as always!


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Turn the sound up and enjoy!

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Makeup – Rachel Wood – High Maintenance Salon

Videography – NEON TRIFLE FILM

Toast Master – ALAN HODGE

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