Corby Newborn Photographer – How to prepare for your 1st newborn Photography shoot!

Corby Newborn Photographer

Here at Daisy Dots (We are located in Market Harborough but closer to Corby!). We love having little squishy, cuddly newborns in for their newborn photography sessions and our beautiful babies don’t disappoint!  I have 4 children varying from 3 to 23 in age so it’s safe to say I have quite a bit of experience with newborns…it’s my favourite stage and my favourite age to photograph! 

That excitement waiting for baby to arrive…and the sheer frustration when they very inconsiderately decide not to show up on their due date…that very date you have had etched into every fibre of your being for 9 long months (all my lazy lot were overdue!)

The endless phone calls and messages that seem like they will never end,  ‘Have you not had that baby yet??’ Then before you know it BAM, your life has changed forever and before you is this beautiful little creature that is all yours, you grew it…I mean come on…How amazing is that!

Market Harborough Photographer

Nothing can compare to that feeling (although I felt pretty similar when I got my dog and it didn’t hurt anywhere near as much!)  You spend endless hours just staring at this perfect little creature, wishing you could freeze time and stay in this moment forever…this is where I come in!  Freezing time is my speciality, freezing those moments and making them last forever in photographs to treasure forever . 

This stage passes so quickly and before you know it that little baby has changed beyond recognition…in fact it’s not long until that very same cute little bundle is a grumpy teenager and you will long for those moments…I can’t promise you happy, easy teenagers, but I can promise that you will be able to look at the beautiful portraits hanging on your wall and be transported back to that long forgotten sleeping angelic baby 😉

Market Harborough Newborn Photographer

When is the best time for a newborn Photography session? 

I would recommend 5-14 days as babies are at their most sleepy stage (as a mum of 4, I know that does not feel like the case!) Babies of this age sleep for approximately 16/17 hours a day according to some ‘experts’.  Just to make you aware, 2 out of the 4 of mine did not…I think they cried for that amount of time so may be the experts got their words mixed up!!

Anyway, I digress, they are the most sleepy and more ‘pose able’.  Having said that I have worked with older than that who were an absolute dream, so I am happy to photograph babies of any age.  All my sessions are completely baby led so we only do what baby is happy with and I do not try to force any pose on them.  If baby is premature and in hospital for weeks it is still possible to do a newborn shoot and I would recommend doing that within the first 14 days of being home.

Corby Newborn Photographer

What do I need to bring for a newborn photoshoot?

We provide everything you will need for the shoot, we have nappies, outfits, wraps, props etc.  You just need to turn up…which is easier said than done with a newborn baby I know!   If you have any special teddies or anything important you would like to have in photos then you are more than welcome to bring them along.  In Savi’s shoot we included her Great Grandad’s favourite hat and his cardigan as he had sadly passed away around when she arrived.  I used this to wrap around her like he was giving her a protective hug…Which I am sure he will do forever 🙂 

All I would suggest to bring is plenty of formula if you are bottle feeding and if breast feeding prepare for baby being hungry!  We have lots of drinks and snacks to help keep up mum’s supply (any excuse for chocolate!).  The studio will be warm as baby will be stripped down so I suggest parent’s have layers so they can strip down if they get too hot, also if you like the ‘parent with naked baby’ type shots then maybe a spare top for yourselves just to be on the safe side!


Can we bring siblings and what should we wear for a newborn shoot?

Of course, I highly recommend bringing all the family and getting photographs to treasure forever.  There is lots of room in the studio for siblings to play and run about, we also have toys and books to keep them entertained…failing that a huge projector screen for them to watch cartoons!  For clothing, I would suggest keeping it neutral and classic so you don’t clash with each other. 

I aim to create timeless portraits so that your children don’t look at the picture in 20 years time and ask what on earth you were all wearing..Yes Mother, I’m talking to you here!  Casual, plain t’shirts, shirts, jeans etc  Basically what you are comfortable in and if thats bright and wacky then i’m good with that too!  For some more examples of newborn photography sessions with siblings or clothing inspiration, please check out our page on FACEBOOK


Where is Daisy Dots Photography studio?

I am based in Middleton, Market Harborough LE16 8YU, however I am actually closer to Corby and am the neighbouring village to East Carlton Park (great if you want a combination of studio and outdoor portraits!)  Our studio is a barn conversion so has lots of really beautiful features.  The studio part of my building is on the first floor so there is a flight of stairs.  This does mean that we do not have wheelchair access unfortunately.  If this is an issue for you then please contact me as I can suggest alternatives to this.

How long will the shoot take?

I only take one baby photography shoot a day as I allow around 4 hours for a shoot.  The session is entirely baby led and if they want to stop for a cuddle or a feed then we stop.  Babies, contrary to the lovely sleepy baby pics I post, don’t usually sleep through the entire session and nor would I want them to.  It is very normal for a baby to flit in and out of sleep, it is rare that they come in and do every picture like a robot. 

In fact many want cuddled for most of it and the picture taking can be very intermittent!  They are likely to wee on me and my props, They are likely to move or cry just as I get them set up in to the perfect pose…but thats fine, we just go again when baby is settled and happy 🙂

what age for a newborn shoot

When should I book?

For the reasons above I can only take a limited amount of baby bookings per month, as we all know babies arrive when they want!  I guarantee everyone that books a session that they will be reserved a place, obviously babies don’t work to a date so I pencil you in for a week after your due date and when baby arrives you let me know and we book you in. 

March was fully booked but we have 3 babies overdue that are looking likely to hang on to April now…come on babies!! I recommend you book a date from your 20 week scan to ensure your space, May for example has only two slots left…I  am wondering what happened seven months ago for this May boom, did we have another Fifty Shades released??

How much does a newborn shoot cost?

All our prices are on the website, we have 3 packages available and in addition to that we also sell wall art and albums.  I highly recommend getting your pictures up on the wall and in print, these are the most valued possessions you will ever own.  I could spend hours looking through old pictures, they are my heritage and my answers to why I look like I do…thanks Dad for the freckles and stupid wave to my hair!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the pictures 🙂

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