Leicestershire Cake Smash Photography – 6 types of baby at a cake smash!

Leicestershire Cake Smash Photography -If you are looking for the perfect way to celebrate your child’s birthday, then a cake smash photography session at our studio, nr Market Harborough is for you. Every cake smash is super fun, for you as much as your little one!  There are lots of sets to choose from or we can build a set to bring your ideas to life.  Our studio is brimming with cute props and we are always buying more! What better way to celebrate your little baba turning one…cake and smiles all round!

img_3581-1400009The photography session starts with a few family photos so you can update your family portraits, and then the fun starts.  You get to dress your little baby in one of our cute birthday outfits or you are welcome to bring your own.  Then we get your baby onto the set and let the cuteness overload begin! We can do some individual pictures of your baby playing and then we can introduce the cake. Most babies take a little encouragement to start (although some dive right in, head first!) For some, I don’t think they can quite believe that they are allowed to touch it, let alone eat it!  As soon as they realise then there is usually no stopping them! If they need some extra help then you are welcome to join in and show them how yummy the cake tastes!


6 types of baby at a cake smash:

  1. The ‘Overly Cautious’ – They look at you puzzled and then try to work out the catch as they delicately touch the soft, colourful icing.  They eye the splodge on their finger suspiciously as everyone encourages them to taste it “Mmmmmmm, yummy’ Eventually the finger goes gingerly to the mouth and then the eyes widen and they dive in!
  2. The ‘Bruce’ Approach – Like the cake boy from the film Matilda, they go head first into the cake and don’t come out until it’s finished!
  3. The ‘Mummy go first’ – This clever little baby will not touch the cake until Mummy has tested it for them and they are 100% sure it’s not been poisoned.  Once certain of this fact, they will happily eat and smash their cake!
  4. The ‘Cry Baby’ – True to form, this baby does what babies are designed to do, cry!  Some babies take a little encouragement to get into the cake smash.  I don’t book anyone in straight after your slot so that babies have enough time to settle in and get used to the surroundings.  Once happy crying is the last thing on their minds when faced with a strange cake!
  5. The ‘Clean Freak’ – This baby will revel in the bubble bath splash session afterwards but the thought of getting their cute little hands grubby fills them with dread! Mummy & Daddy won’t be too happy at the sticky fingers either 😉
  6. The ‘Health Freak’ – Carrots over Chocolate any day of the week! This baby will forgo all that delicious icing and go for the cleverly hidden carrot stuck in the back!  If your baby really doesn’t like sweet treats then we can opt for a fruit smash instead!


Leicestershire Cake Smash Photography – What themes do we have:

  1. Alice in Wonderland
  2. Winnie The Pooh
  3. Mickey Mouse
  4. Minnie Mouse
  5. Hot Air Balloons
  6. Balloon Garlands
  7. Flower Themes
  8. Fairy Themes
  9. Forest Themes
  10. Fruit Themes
  11. Sailor/Boat/Beach Themes
  12. Boho Themes
  13. Simple Colour Themes
  14. Jungle Themes
  15. So many more!!
Leicestershire Cake Smash Photography

Leicestershire Cake Smash Photography

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