Plan a wedding in less than four months…easy!  From start to finish this wedding was perfect and you would of thought it had been planned over years with military precision to detail, it was amazing.  The Bride & Groom glided through their day without a hiccup in sight, even the Groom’s self confessed two left feet played ball!  Alice got ready at Rushton Hall after staying the night before to ease herself into the morning prep.  When I got there I actually thought she already had her makeup done as she looked fab, she was cool, calm and collected…and yet to have her makeup!  In the room I was expecting some nerves and last minute panic but no, Alice just smiled all morning!  Having a chandelier in the room I knew we had to get the dress hanging on it and did a quick test to make sure the weight of it wouldn’t pull the ceiling down ( I should clarify that I didn’t swing from it to test it, just incase Rushton Hall staff read this!)  As I knew it would, the dress looked amazing there!  All was going well until it came time to do the dress up, Alice had already warned us that there was a delicate bit were the fabric joined that needed special care and attention…I was calm, I do wedding dresses up almost every wedding I attend…but this one was sent to test me and the nerves hit in…for me, not Alice!  I was sweating, like seriously stressed sweating…but we got there and I didn’t rip the dress…I secretly high fived myself at this point!

Then it was downstairs for me to capture the arrival of the guests and get some shots of the stressed Groom…only he was as calm as Alice!  Standing at the front waiting for his Bride, Anthony closed his eyes as she came down the aisle, taking a sneaky peek as she arrived next to him, when he saw her, his eyes lit up and he was the definition of the cat that got the cream!  a very teary dad gave his future son a look that said ‘I’m watching you’ before breaking into a huge grin and shaking his hand!  I love emotional Dads and this one was one of my faves, throughout the whole ceremony he only just held it together and looked so proudly at his gorgeous daughter.  As did the Groom, they way they looked at Alice throughout the ceremony was truly beautiful…I actually cried editing these!

After the ceremony the rain held off to let us get outside in the beautiful grounds for some group photos and the confetti shots.  The rain Gods were good to us!  The guests were then seated and watched as the Bride and Groom were piped into the room.  After dinner came the speeches, I love catching everyones reaction during the speeches and this lot were in stitches! We then got a chance to nip back outside and take some couple portraits outside the hall and in the gardens before the cake cutting and the dancing….ohh the dancing!  The Bride and Groom had surprised everyone by taking dance lessons as Mr Hough claims he is no dancer…although I have lots of pictures to prove he enjoys drunken dancing!  Then after their fabulous dance the Groom surprised the Bride by dressing in a kilt alongside her father and they performed a dance for her!  It really was the most amazing day, topped off by two bands, one of which was the Bride’s father’s band!

Mr & Mrs Hough…Get your tissues ready…your pictures are ready!!

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