I was so excited for these two to get married!  When we first met at my studio in Middleton, Leics, way back in early 2018 I knew we were going to get on…that’s so important for me when I book wedding clients.  I will probably spend more time with you than anyone else on your big day (even though most of the time I am just skulking about in the shadows!) so it’s super important that we like each other.  I am likely to be the one to be doing up your dress (mainly as I am the only one that doesn’t have long, glamorous nails on the day!) fixing your buttonholes and calming your nerves…so we need to like each other!  We met again for their engagement shoot, which Ryan was not so secretly dreading…but by the time we had walked from my studio to the leafy, beautifulness that is East Carlton Park, he was happily kissing Charmaine and spinning her round in his giant bear hugs.   Engagement shoots also give me a chance to find out your love story…now I am not sure who to believe on this one, but Ryan was quite convincing that it was Charmaine who wore him down and convinced him that she was the one for him..with the help of some poking (I should clarify it was Facebook poking…well I think that was what he meant!)…however from the way he looks at her I would say he might just be telling porkies here…he is definitely smitten…Also Charmaine’s eye rolling and laughing kind of gave the game away!  Anyway regardless of who chased who…they caught each other and they are definitely meant to be!

Fast forward to the long awaited day, Charmaine and her beautiful bridesmaids got ready at Lush Salon in the Old Village of Corby.  Having a sister with her own salon is definitely a bonus for any bride!  Lush was awash with Prosecco, balloons, hairspray and a super cute pageboy keeping everyone amused.  The lovely Rachel Wood from the High Maintenance salon was also there doing makeup, between them everyone looked amazing…then it was back to the hotel in the crazy winds…I forgot to mention this was one of the windiest days of the year!  Due to this the wedding was moved from outdoors into the hotel’s ceremony room, no amount of hairspray and kirby grips was going to keep the bridal party or the guests hair safe!  Not that it mattered the ceremony was beautiful and intimate.  The incredibly emotional Ryan barely held his tears at bay for the entire ceremony…I do love to see people cry (obviously nice crying, not screams of agony type tears!)  The minute the world’s cutest Pageboy entered the room, Ryan was gone, he couldn’t hold the tears and I don’t think he even saw the sign that said ‘Last chance to run Daddy, here comes Mummy!’

Charmaine was walked down the aisle by her very proud nephew (who is incredibly good and funny at speeches by the way!) and the moment she saw Ryan, her tears started too…these two were so emotional!  The ceremony went without a hitch and became Mr & Mrs Poore in front of all their loved ones…and these guys are so loved, everyone looked so happy and proud of them.  Despite the winds and rain we made it outside for their group shots and couple portraits…well we had about 17 seconds for those in between rain showers!  I never like posed pictures to take too long anyway as the day goes so quickly and the last thing you want is to spend hours having pictures taken.  The natural shots are the ones that show the real emotion, the love, the laughter and the tears…the ones you can’t fake in posed pictures!  Having said that we got some gorgeous pictures on the staircase later on in the day!

Before the meal, came the speeches.  So many couples choose to have the speeches first, which I think is a great idea.  It gets the nerves out of the way before dinner…many a wedding I have seen a Best Man hardly touch his dinner and sit there as white as a sheet waiting for their speech to be over!  After the meal, the Bride and Groom had arranged for Singing Waiters to surprise their guests.  These guys were fab!  They had the guests fooled and then once they started, had everyone up dancing…The rowdy ones were even up on chairs (Charmaine included!)  After the fun was over, the room was turned around and the dancing started, a loving first dance…then some dodgy dance moves hit the floor…Yes Drew, I’m talking about you!

Thanks so much for having me at your wedding….much love!

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