Can newborn babies really smile or is it just wind?  Well I have read lots of reports and most say that a baby can smile intentionally from 6 weeks old, but these pictures of ten day old Louis say different!  This little cutie was beaming throughout his newborn photoshoot at our studio near Corby.   Every set he went into, he was full of smiles and was more than happy to pose for the camera.  He was also full of smiles during his pictures and cuddles with Mummy and Daddy.

Experts claim that babies start smiling in the womb and that it is a reflex smile, similar to when an arm or leg twitches as baby tries out its growing limbs.  This reflex smile goes by two months and a true smile comes around six weeks old.  Reflex or not Louis’ smiles definitely looked genuine and I for one believe he really was smiling at me…mind you that probably just means I am funny to look at!

In my job I wish there was a secret formula to make babies smile so whatever Louis had I would love to bottle it! 

If you are patiently waiting for your baby to smile then here are a few tips to help them crack out the pearly whites…or pink gums in this case!

How to make a baby smile…..

  • Talk to them often and sing
  • Smile at them (babies are sponges and try to imitate everything )
  • Make eye contact
  • Be stupid! I absolutely love watching parents jumping around my studio trying to make their little ones smile…believe me I have seen it all!

If you want to book in a newborn shoot and hopefully capture some smiles like the beautiful Louis, then the best time to take newborn pictures is around five to fourteen days old, although we are happy to work with any age.  It is recommended that you provisionally book this in from around the 20 week scan stage to secure your place as we can only take a certain amount of babies a month due to their unpredictable arrival times!  If you would like some more information on baby photoshoots at our studio Nr Corby, Northamptonshire please click here or if you would like to contact us to book please click here

Can babies really smile? Please leave us your comments below!