Sitter Photography 6-12 months

Sitter Photography Sessions: Capturing Beautiful Smiles and Cherished Moments

The newborn stage is creeping away and you now have a little sitter who smiles away, clapping their hands…and screaming for you to pass them things they can’t yet walk to get themselves!

At Daisy Dots Photography, we specialise in creating stunning wall art that celebrates the unique personalities and joyful smiles of your little ones. Our sitter photography sessions are designed to capture those precious moments when your child has mastered the art of sitting up but hasn’t quite started running around just yet. It’s the perfect time to freeze those heartwarming expressions and create timeless memories that will adorn the walls of your home for years to come.

Sitting, Smiling, and Personality

Our sitter sessions are all about capturing the essence of your child’s personality and their beautiful smiling faces. We believe that a genuine smile holds the power to light up a room and warm hearts, and that’s why we focus on creating a comfortable and playful environment during our sessions. We want your child to feel at ease and free to express themselves, allowing their true character to shine through in every photograph.  We give them time to settle in and have lots of toys etc to keep them entertained during the shoots.

We have a large selection of props and backdrops which are all available to you. We have lots of different sets designs and also plain backdrops for a mix of traditional portraits and fun ones. Our aim is to create beautiful pieces of artwork to compliment your home so each shoot is tailored to your tastes and requirements. We can discuss this at an initial consultation or when you arrive for your shoot. You are also more than welcome to come in and have a look round before you book in with us.

Sitter Photography

What to expect at a Sitter Photography Session

Sitter sessions are so much fun, your little one is now sitting up and smiling, their personality shines through every face they pull.  At Daisy Dots we let you baby be themselves and make the session as relaxed as we can.  Patience is definitely the hey here as your baby is the boss…as I am sure you have worked out by now! 

The sitter session will start with you choosing outfits to go with your chosen set or them.  we have lots to choose from and can guide you if you aren’t sure what will look best.  Once your little one is looking super cute we take time to gradually ease them into the set (we have lots of bribes and toys as well!)  Once happily in the set we interact and take prepared to sing and jump around like loon to get them smiling, I apologise in advance for my tuneless voice!

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When is the best time to do a Sitter Session?

Before They Can Run Away!

We understand that this stage of your child’s life is a fleeting one. It won’t be long before they start exploring the world on two feet, leaving their sitting days behind. That’s why we recommend scheduling your sitter photography session at the perfect time, usually around 6-10 months of age. This is when your little one has developed enough strength to sit up independently, but they haven’t quite discovered the wonders of crawling or walking yet. It’s an ideal window of opportunity to capture those adorable, smile-filled moments before they’re off and running!

What to bring to your Sitter Session?

We have a selection of outfits to compliment each set, although you are welcome to bring any of your own. Please feel free to bring along any special items that you would like photographed with baby, for example teddies etc but do not worry as we also have those. If you would like a family picture with your little one, we suggest you wear neutral clothing for your pictures.

When is the best time to book a session?

We recommend that you book early to guarantee that we will have a space around the time your little one will be sitting.  We appreciate that this is different for every child so I would recommend booking roughly when they will be sitting (around 6-10 months) If you get to the date and they aren’t yet sitting, or still very wobbly, we can pop the session back a few weeks, so don’t worry. 

We do sometimes have last minute availability so please contact us directly if your baby has already started sitting and we will do our best to fit you in. To book in, click CONTACT US

Sitter Photography northants
Sitter Photography

Sitter Session Pricing

After the session you will be invited back to our studio to view your final gallery of around 20 fully edited beautiful images of your baby and family.  It is at this point that you may decide which package you may wish to purchase. At Daisy Dots we don’t charge a session fee and you are under no obligation to purchase any package or single image should you not wish to do so. 

Effectively the shoot itself is free.  Should you wish to purchase just a few images or prints rather than a package, we do have a minimum order of £199 due to the time involved in editing and processing of these. There is a £99 refundable retainer required at time of booking to secure your space.  This will be deducted from your final order.

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All The Smiles


  • 2 hour session
  • Face to face viewing session
  • All 20 images shown during your viewing in high resolution, fully edited, on a USB stick
  • High Resolution slide show with all your images
  • Ten mounted 10 x 8 size prints of your chosen images
  • Facebook timeline cover photo collage
  • Full use of props and outfits
  • £100 credit towards any wall art purchase
  • £75 voucher towards next session

Cheeky Grins


  • 2 hour studio session
  • Face to face viewing session
  • 10 High resolution, beautifully edited digital photographs on a USB stick
  • High resolution slideshow of your images
  • Ten 10 x 8 size photo prints of your chosen digital images
  • Full use of props & outfits
  • £50 voucher off next shoot
  • £50 voucher towards any wall art

Little Smiles


  • 2 hour studio time
  • Face to Face viewing session
  • 5 High resolution, fully edited photos on USB stick
  • Five 10 x 8 size photo prints of your chosen images
  • Full use of props

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