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As a wedding photographer, August is incredibly busy for me.  I pretty much kiss goodbye to the studio and my life becomes a whirl of wedding dresses, emotional Grooms & wedding cake!  This wedding at Rockingham Forest, Corby was my third in seven days and I had just flown back from Italy for Chanelle and Liam’s big day…and what a welcome back to the UK, the day went so well!  For this wedding photography package Chanelle and Liam had chosen the option of a second shooter, I am so glad they did!  Not only did I get to work with the lovely Natasha, From Natasha Brooks Photography, I also got to edit all the groom prep.  So often I can only do Bridal prep, unless they are getting ready at the same location and I can nip backwards and forwards, so this was lovely to see.  Editing the pictures made me feel like I was there with them…and from what Natasha also told me about the amount of laughing and old stories being told, I wish I had been!  The Groom’s mum was also there getting ready and keeping them all in check…along with the gorgeous pageboy who looked like the most sensible one of the lot!  They had gotten ready at the Hilton Hotel in Corby then walked over to the Rockingham Forest Hotel in something that looked like a scene from a Reservoir Dogs!  I loved the pictures, thanks Natasha!

I was having just as much fun at the Bridal suite at Rockingham Forest Hotel, as Chanelle and her tribe were getting ready.  Chanelle was totally chilled and we had the cutest little flower girl running around entertaining us all!  Chanelle’s mum came to the room to have a bit of pampering and was treated to gifts and her favourite drinks, lots of toasting by all the girls and then it was into the dresses.  As the Groom’s men arrived the girls were all at the windows having a sneaky glance at them, then it was the usual last minute prep before a very proud dad saw his daughter for the first time in his dress, he just managed not to cry!

Liam was so excited for the wedding and stood at the corner so he could watch every step of the bridal party coming down the aisle.  Chanelle was walked down the aisle by her father with a piper leading the way, it was so lovely to watch.  Liam grinned like the cat that got the cream throughout the entire ceremony and their family all looked on proudly.  The very important job of looking after the rings was given to Henley and what a good job he did!  During the ceremony it was also lovely to have a second shooter with me as Natasha could get different angles to me.  I was at the front in the gazebo where the marriage has to take place and there isn’t much room to get out without disturbing the wedding, so I usually have to make a decision of where is best to stand.  The last thing anyone wants at their wedding is a photographer getting in the way and moving about distracting everyone.  I love the first kiss when it is taken from the back of the ceremony…but I also like close ups from the front…so no dilemmas this time!

After the ceremony is one of my favourite points, all the hugging and kissing makes great photos!  We had a quick 15/20 mins for the group photos and couple pictures, then it was time to celebrate.  It all kicked off with some speeches and a speech from Chanelle about the men in her life, she thanked her dad, Liam and Henley for making her so happy and teaching her what love really is…the tears certainly flowed at this point!

The evening was also lots of fun and everyone was kept entertained, we had a magician, a caricaturist and a photobooth…then a perfect first dance…and some dodgy shirts appeared from the stag do to surprise Liam!  The night for us ended with Chanelle throwing her bouquet, some enthusiastic catching and a potential future groom being heckled by a mob!  At this point we left them to their celebrations!  Thank you for a great day Mr & Mrs Lewis x

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