Back in May (which feels like many months ago now!) Lucy married Ross on one of those glorious days that didn’t rain!  The whole day went without a hitch, Lucy looked fab in her stunning dress and Ross didn’t scrub up too badly either!   Their wedding took place in the gardens of the Best Western Rockingham Forest Hotel in Corby, Northants.  It was beautiful…and hot, really hot!  There were lots of happy tears throughout the day, especially at the football as it was the day that Celtic won ….not sure what they won, but there were lots of happy, jumping about guests!  Although they nearly didn’t get to see the score as the Mother Of The Bride came to fetch the men from the bar…they were meant to be eating dinner…this followed the funniest reactions ever as she got the remote and turned off the tv…my kind of woman!!  A few brave souls stayed put, whilst the rest shuffled back with their tails between their legs…the tv went back on and one by one they snuck back in for the last few minutes 😉

For this wedding, my daughter Kate worked with me as my second shooter, it was really good to get different angles of the wedding ceremony, for example the ring exchange and first kiss looks great from the front and the back!  I can’t wait to work with her again on more weddings 🙂

I must say, I witnessed some of the best dance offs I have ever seen at a wedding…and the bride being serenaded by a rather dodgy boy band who took control of the microphone and made the DJ play karaoke!

All in all it was a fab day…congratulations Mr & Mrs Robertson x

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