Being asked to photograph a fellow photographers wedding is a massive compliment…and somewhat daunting!  When the lovely Miss Brooks from Natasha Brooks Photography booked me I knew I was going to have to up my game, I didn’t realise at the time that she was going to try and test me to my limits by ordering Storm Hannah to also attend her wedding!  What should have been a glorious, sun filled day turned out to be a day when Mummy really shouldn’t have worn a hat, it made for some funny and slightly windswept photos.  The usually serene Grendon Lakes in Northamptonshire had actual full blown waves that wouldn’t have looked out of place at the coast!

Great British weather at it’s best, thankfully someone was being kind to Ross and Natasha as they got lots of dry, sunny gaps to nip in and out for photos…plus some fab shots with umbrellas!  We got a really cool chance to nip off and take some photos of the stunning scenery after dinner, all went well until a huge gust of wind caught Ross…I’m not sure Mr Shokri has yet owned up to the case of the broken umbrella…or to his wife about the hen party that surrounded him for a cheeky photo just before his vows for that matter…sorry Ross!!

Whilst Natasha was getting ready at her Mother’s home she was incredibly chilled, especially for a bride that is also making her own bouquets and decorations…this woman’s talents know no bounds!  Even Ross had jobs to do on the morning of the wedding, he was at Grendon Lakes decorating the venue before dashing back home to get ready, thankfully he didn’t have to worry too much about his speech as Natasha was writing him cue cards…including one reminding him to compliment her 😉

When I arrived at Grendon, Ross was getting a little nervous and had told one of the fab staff members that he didn’t have a speech so she helped him write one, whilst another was fixing his flower and tie…how’s that for service!  Ross thanked them and then got prepared to say his speech during the service and asked us at what point he should start speaking…erm…after dinner Ross!  Anyone that knows Ross will know that he has the most infectious smile and laugh so as he burst out laughing at this it took the rest of us a while to calm down!

The entire day was spent with Ross and Natasha laughing and having fun, the speeches were hilarious and we even got treated to Natasha’s sisters rap about the happy couple, to the tune of The Prince Of Bel Air!  I am so glad I got to be a part of their day, thanks guys! x

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