Wall Art Collections

Investing in wall art collections will take your home decor to the next level. Our carefully curated selection of stunning pieces are designed to create a breathtaking visual impact when hung together on your wall. Not only will our collection transform your living space, but it will also fill your home with love, warmth and happy memories!

A firm favourite of many is the Bubble Wall, made up of three exquisite HD acrylic orbs, guaranteed to add a sense of luxury and elegance to any home.  The acrylic orb sizes in this collection are 30″, 20″ & 12″ – For individual Acrylics click here

This wall art collection is £995

Wall Art Collections

The Trio Wall Art Collections

These stunning wall art collections are made up of three premium canvases or acrylics. They showcase your images beautifully and make a great focal point for any room.

The Canvas Trio – £695

One 30″ x 20″ size canvas

Two 20″ x 16″ size canvasses

The Acrylic Trio – £995

One 30″ x 20″ size HD acrylic

Two 20″ x 16″ size HD acrylics