When Clare asked to meet me to discuss being her Wedding Photographer in Lake Como, it was fair to say I was more than a little excited!  I had only been to Italy on a day trip before and never to Lake Como, so to have an excuse to fly there as a Wedding Photographer, was incredible.

Fast forward 18 months and it was a trip to Stansted with a Hair Stylist (Alicia), a Make Up Artist(Melena)…and her friend, Kate, the world’s most organised traveller.  She had printed train journeys, menus from local restaurants…she was the perfect travel companion, well she would have been if it wasn’t for the fact that after we had left for Stansted, we did a quick panic passport check.  Lucky for her we did, as she had her husband’s passport and not her own….after a quick detour we were on our way!  Arriving in Milan Airport, we took a train ride to Varenna.  It was dark so we didn’t get to see the beauty of it all until the return journey home…but what amazing views on the way home!

When we got to Varenna, we walked down into the main town to be met by some of Corby’s most hardcore party people!  Everyone was having a brilliant time and thankfully for them the wedding wasn’t until late afternoon the next day so they would have time to recover…although I did hear rumours of one or two of them not actually going to bed and keeping going right through…I won’t mention any names…nor will I mention that one was a chef and she didn’t actually get back to our apartment until 11am on the day of the wedding!

Being up in the mountains was beautiful and I had the most hilarious house mates, which was a good job as I got stuck with them, literally!  No taxi’s would come up the mountain to get us and every time we got through to one and they asked where we where they just hung up.  We originally put this down to being so high up but I have a sneaky suspicion it might also have a little to do with said housemates, again mentioning no names Chef x

As a Wedding Photographer this was my worst nightmare and I was in panic mode until I finally got down the mountain.  Thankfully, I made it in time for the bridal prep.  Clare looked amazing, her dress was perfect for her wedding and she completely nailed the look!  It didn’t take long until we headed down to the ceremony.  How Clare managed all those steps in heels still amazes me, I can barely walk in heels!  Clare was met by her bridal party, she had got ready on her own so they all got to see her getting out of the car.  Lots of tears flowed which pretty much didn’t stop all day.

The emotions were definitely running high and I had quite a few moments of welling up, especially when I saw the reserved seats for Clare’s beloved Dad and Brother.  Walking down the Aisle was a carpet that said they were with her every step of the way and they truly were, you could feel the love surrounding them.  Clare was walked down the a aisle by her son Jude and the patiently waiting Gerard could not hold it together, him and pretty much everyone else at the wedding shed tears as Clare walked towards him…the bridesmaids were all literally sobbing and I could hardly see as my eyes were streaming!

The ceremony was taken by the Mayor and was translated into English by his assistant.  It is a custom in Italy for the Bride and Groom to kiss the wedding rings before placing them on each other’s finger, I haven’t seen this at wedding before, it was such a lovely touch and just added to the emotion.  After the ceremony, kisses and group shots the guests were treated to a boat ride around Lake Como before being taken to the reception venue in Bellagio.  The views were amazing and the Prosecco just added to the event!  Being a wedding photographer in Lake Como and getting to tag along definitely has its perks!

The venue looked amazing and had beautiful views over the lake.  Mr & Mrs Quaid arrived by private boat and the party started.  I was sat with some lovely people for dinner, I don’t think we stopped laughing the entire time…mainly due to a dodgy hairline picture of The King of Selfies…thanks for making my evening so much fun!

After dinner was the cake cutting for Biggie & Mrs Quaid!  Then the dancing went on until 1am, wrapped up by a rendition of Hey Jude, were Jude was serenaded by the entire wedding party!  It was then back on the boat for the trip back to Varenna, that in itself was another great experience!  People singing and playing the harmonica…and one wife having to hold her husband firmly on his seat to stop him jumping in to swim home….all in all, an amazing day! I made some amazing new friends and laughed harder than I had in ages!  Congratulations Mr & Mrs Quaid, what a day! x

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