Dodmoor House Wedding Photographer – The beautiful Dunn Wedding!

Dodmoor House Wedding Photographer

The Dunn wedding – I first met Jon Dunn many years ago when he was my personal trainer, he literally destroyed me every session!  I remember going on holiday and having a PT session the day before I went…when I got to the airport I could hardly walk up the stairs as I was in so much pain and had to hold back the tears…I was cursing Mr Dunn, I silently plotted my revenge and years later I saw my chance to get it… He hired me to do his wedding photography at Dodmoor House. 

Dodmoor House Wedding Photographer

A chance to capture Jon crying and then publish the pictures on the internet…he didn’t disappoint and also chucked in some amazing dance moves!  I then met Holly when they had their gorgeous daughter Nova and they came in for a newborn photoshoot at our studio in Middleton, nr Corby.  Holly is amazing and definitely a great match for Jon, this was so evident on their wedding day, the pair of them didn’t stop laughing, crying and dancing all day!

Dodmoor House Wedding Photographer

The morning started for me at Holly’s parents house, where all the girls were getting ready, it was constant laughter from the second I got there and there was no wiping the smile off Holly’s face..even when Nova arrived mismatched and not in the outfit Holly had left out for her…Sorry Jon, have to get all the digs in I can here, my legs still remember the pain!  By the way, Holly has the most amazing smile and laugh, its so infectious! 

One of my favourite parts about wedding photography is capturing everyone’s personalities and Holly’s shines through. After everyone was ready it was off to Dodmoor House, for the bridal party to get their dresses on and put the finishing touches together.  The room to get ready in is so beautiful and also serves as the honeymoon suite. 

I had gone to the venue with Jon and Holly before the wedding to scope the place out…and also test the cocktails and Prosecco that they were having for their guests…Catesby Crush is to die for by the way!  The venue is so lovely, as are the staff which always makes a huge difference to your day!

Dodmoor House Wedding Photographer

In the room, Holly was holding on to her nerves and the emotions were staying in check, until Holly got into her dress and everyone saw her for the first time, their reactions were beautiful!  The best reaction was yet to come, when Holly’s dad saw her, his face was a picture…literally now!  Another favourite part of my day as a wedding photographer.  Peeking out of the windows we could see Jon swigging from a hip flask but also looking pretty calm.  This lasted until he saw Holly and then the tears flowed (Result!) 

Dodmoor House Wedding Photographer

The love these two have for each other is so beautiful and they really are so in tune with each other.  This was all tied together beautifully by their wedding ceremony, it is one of the most moving and lovely services I have ever been to.  It was all about the union of the families and both mothers lit a candle, then together lit one for Jon and Holly who then gave them each a rose…it was so lovely! 

There was lots of tears and laughs throughout the whole ceremony and Nova (now 1) stole the show on several occasions by walking around and joining in when she pleased…she was so well behaved!

Dodmoor House Wedding Photographer

After the ceremony, it was outside for the group pictures, despite being mid December it was really mild out and really bright so we were able to get this.  Then back in to mingle and try out the cocktails and gin bar…obviously I had to skip that part, as a wedding photographer, I never drink at weddings despite the many offers of drinks…or the fact that I was literally drooling over the Catesby Crush! 

As the sun goes down earlier in the winter months we went outside around 3.30pm to catch the twilight hour for the couple portraits and then we did some quick group shots.  I always try and keep these short and sweet as most people hate their picture being taken (me especially) and in this case as short as possible so Holly didn’t freeze!

Before the speeches, Jon had arranged a surprise for Holly, singing waiters…Holly’s face was hilarious when the waiter started to give a speech about it being his first day and how it was customary to give a speech, you could see that she had no idea why this guy was just randomly talking…then he burst into song and Jon went full dance mode..Holly was straight up to join him and then the place erupted!  At one point the waiter looked completely exhausted and the realisation that he had met his match in Jon and Holly was evident…they can party!!! 

Once they had finished it was on to the speeches, they were all hilarious and equally emotional.  We also got to find out about Holly’s race car like driving during a game of Mr & Mrs!  Then it was time to get the party really started…oh the dance moves!  I had a brilliant day…as did all the guests…even the guest that got a punch in his delicate area during a group photo!

Thanks so much for trusting me to capture your day…much love x

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